Percy Priest Crappie

Midday crappies
Message Fishing Percy Priest points near Hurricane Creek at 1:30 PM, June 29th. The weather was bluebird skies, almost no wind, and 90 degrees. We were casting 1/32nd ounce jigs tipped with crappie nibbles in 14 ft of water.
In about an hour we caught 33 crappies off of one brush pile. We had 15 keepers, the biggest being 12 1/2 inches and most of them ran about 10 1/8th to 10 1/2 inches. We used (mostly) 1 1/2 inch chartreuse and white tube jigs.
We got bit a fair amount on the drop but the majority of the hits came after we let the jig hit bottom, then did a slow retrieve back to the boat.
And here’s a kicker…we were using our white bass rods, medium action with 12 lb. test line because we had been fishing for stripers and hybrids and didn’t have crappie gear with us. I’m thinking the heavier line made the baits fall slower and on a high pressure day, you want to downsize and slow down.
Happy hooking to all and ….wear those life jackets. There is a sign on an Old Hickory launch that say’s “208 people have drowned on this lake. Not wearing life jackets…208. Wearing life jackets…..0! So take the time to put it on, at least while the boat is running. Hauling a dead friend out of the water WILL ruin your day! Boat safe.

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