Old Hickory Crappie

Fished the hick yesterday for crappie,,started in Shutes Branch and move on to Drakes Creek from there, water temps 62 to 67 degrees depending on where you was,we did make a day of it about 9 hours of fishing, but the bite was good, around 50 fish caught, 16 keepers, water was up about 1.5 feet and stained but the ((12 foot mark)) was the ticket, all females still full of eggs,only 1 male in the bunch, but he was black as could be..had another buddy fishing lock three by the dam,he had 17 keepers, fished brushpiles,and stumps dipping jigs, 1/8 oz.. mostly Hoppys jigs and a few crappie ringers from bass pro, silver and blue did real well, there was alittle stuff floating in the water,but by far Old Hickory is the place to be with all the high water, im from smyrna and usally fish Priest 3 to 4 times a week,but not right now,to HIGH and to dangerous,i usually see Jim around Byrdsong at Kentucy Lake this time of year but i had to change plans with all the spring rain we have had. Hope you still went and caught some in Mid April Jim, id be curious to know..Alot of good spring fishing still yet to come, just got to get that water stable, hope that helps you crappie fisherman out alittle,this weekend would be a good time to take them Mothers out for a trip at Old Hickory for Mothers day,,if all else fails get some meal worms or crickets and catch some of them nice shell crackers, and big bluegill,there bitting better ever day also. take care, god bless…RKN Smyrna,Tn.

Had my writers meeting at my house this year and we fished Percy Priest, Center Hill and Old Hickory and it turned out great , Kentucky lake was high and muddy and my event was just before it went crazy here. Center Hill is almost in the Edgar Evins Parking lot if you can believe that and Percy Priest is just plain flooded parking lots and all, thanks for the great report. Jimmy D

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