Black Nose Crappie

The end of May is the time to catch blacknose crappie on center Hill Lake.

Because of this crazy winter we’ve had, the black nose crappie are running a little late on the spawn. In the first two weeks of May, we were catching fish in depths of 3 to 15 feet. The water temperature was between 55 to 61 degrees, and as it warms, the rest of the crappie are moving in and up.

The third week of May has brought higher and warmer water and with this the crappies have moved into shallow water. Now the fish are 1 to 5 feet deep in tree tops and brush around the banks in the middle and back of the major creeks.

When I fish center hill, I put in at Edgar Evins Marina. Then I run straight across the lake to Indian Creek. After I get back into this area, I start hitting the exposed treetops that so many people have helped put in (mostly Sonny of Sonny’s bait shop).

Good electronics is a must. Slowly approach the tree tops with your trolling motor and work them from the deep areas to the shallow areas. Try medium minnows or 1/8 to 1/32 ounce jigs. Yellow and red is probably the best color with white and red second best. Try a slip bobber for easy depth adjustment. Make sure you watch the depth finder on every tree for fish and the depth at which they are holding.

As you move from treetop to treetop, watch that depth finder for sunken trees. On these sunken trees, look for the depth of the holding fish and set you slop bobber. Find the edge of the tree, drop a marker buoy and start fishing! By the time you get on the back of the creek, you should find fish.

Remember, on a sunny day, hold back from the tree, or the fish will see you. When the eater is clear, 6 pound line is the biggest you should use. I don’t recommend any of the braided lines for crappie due to the fact that when you get hung up you will pull the brush up and spook the crappie.

To get to Edgar Evins ramp go east out of Nashville on i-40 to exit 273, the Buffalo Valley and Center Hill dam exit. Go south to the park entrance and follow the signs to the ramps.

Hope you have a good day on the water. Set the hook and may the fish be with you!

Jim Duckworth

Duckworth Guide Service