Crappie Time

Here it is time to go catch the crappie off the tree’s we sunk last winter on our area lakes. So far this year the weather has been so crazy that the crappie have remand deep in our lakes. Percy Priest has been the best lake for crappie so far. So let’s talk about location and presentation to catching a stringer full.

On Percy Priest the crappie are very widespread and abundant. My favorite areas of the lake are the Four Corners area and Suggs Creek. Both have excellent ramps and are easily gotten to. Both of these areas have lots of brush piles and treetops.

When we put out our brush piles last winter we put reflective stickers on tree’s to line up with on the bank, this allows for finding the brush quick. If you were watching football last winter instead of putting out brush your best bet is a good depth finder.

Put your depth finder on zoom and idle around the bank in 10 to 20 foot of water. Watch for brush piles on the screen when you find one, drop a marker, then circle back slow and fish it.

Myself, I like slip bobbers to adjust depth with medium sized gold Aberdeen hooks plus a small split shot 6″ above the hook. Small minnows work the best for me. You might try the ruby red minnows they work great. Norts by the airport has them, make sure Chuck Pippen gets them for you he has trouble counting and will usually give you a few extras.

If you prefer jigs 1/32 ounce in white and red or solid yellow does well for me. My favorite artificial crappie lure is the Whirly B by Charlie Brewer; you definitely need to try it.

Hope you have a good crappie season. Starting with the next full moon it’s time to night fish so it’s off to Dale Hollow for me. Don’t forget set the hook, wear that life jacket and may the fish be with you.

Jim Duckworth

Ducktrail Guide Service