Hello everyone! Jim Duckworth here to bring you some YouTube links to help you know and understand some  fine fishing products that will improve your fishing. Feel free to follow the link to the product you wish to learn more about, or just watch them all! Be sure to click the back button when you are done and continue watching all the videos we have listed. Keep checking back as I will be adding to these very regularly. So weather it be spring Smallmouth, summer Largemouth, fall Crappie or winter fish (like Sauger or Smallmouth) some of these tips will help you decide what new products will help your fishing and the tips with the Youtubes will help your catching also. So thank you for checking these out and I hope you find them beneficial. 

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Additional Videos

Swim Bait Fishing for Small Mouths.

Navionics Map Info

Buckeye Shad for Smallmouth

Buckeye Shad for White Bass

Crappie Fishing with Road Runner

StowMaster Nets

Stake Bed Fishing

Buckeye Shad for Bass

ESP Rods