Lake Fork Fever Never Ends

Well its my favorite time of the year Lake Fork time. Some people call it spring but not me it’s Big Bass time in the state of Texas. I have been guiding Fork for over ten years and I still can’t get over the quality of the fishing. Where can you go where one out of three bass weigh five lbs and the other two weigh three lbs. The worst day I have ever had on the lake was 7 fish and 3 of them were 5lbs. This lake has more pressure in March than Percy Priest on Labor Day. This is the reason I now concentrate my trips in April and May. This eliminates 80 percent of the heavy pre-spawn and spawn fishing pressure for the Roe Laden hoggs. I would rather catch a 9lb bass on an uncrowded lake than fight for a parking space at the ramp for a 10lb bass. Also the bite is much more aggressive. These fish are hungry after the spawn and all the boats they had to dodge in March. Also the night fishing is extra good in April and May.

Now the day bite in April is all day long. The lake is solid standing and fallen hardwood so one has to choose his baits to this condition. Now about the most hang free bait in April is a Spinnerbait. For me there’s only one Spinnerbait and that’s an Excalibur. Excalibur’s come with counter rotating hologram Blades that set up a different vibration than regular Spinnerbaits. Color of choice would be Citrus Shade or Firetiger. A plastic trailer and trailer hook. Fish the spinnerbaits all around the timber and bump it often as you can against the lay downs. Try to keep the bait down about 1 foot and watch for sideways motion.

Next choice would be Smithwicks new Deadstick Roque. Now this is a super Jerk Bait for working around timber. It only runs down a 1 foot and it sits dead still forever. My favorite color is watermelon. Next up would be the mighty Super Spot in Texas Red. Throw this thing in any direction and hold on.

The day bite in April should be concentrated around 3 to 10 foot of water near the banks. The night bite in April for me is all plastic. My number one bait is a Riverside Lizard in red shad or in Texas smoke. I rig it on a 3.5 Eagle Claw wide gap hook and a three sixtenths ounce sinker. Work the outside edges of the grass beds for the night rovers. If the lizard doesn’t do it try a 4″ Riverside Big Claw in Junebug or Texas smoke. Now when your night fishing be careful and never take your life jacket off. Also the strikes from these big fish at night can literally jerk the rod out of your hand so hold on I jest not.

Now for May daytime fishing the pattern starts developing into early and late bites. First thing in the morning as the sun just starts rising put that Super Spook out there on those points and hang on. If they blow up on it and don’t hook up try the new Jr. Super Spook.

This is one Bad Boy and I already see a 10lber hanging off the back end of one in my future. This Jr. Super Spook is also gonna be my new Dale Hollow topwater bait I know the Brown fish will have to crush one.

After the sun gets up I change over to a Excalibur Pro Buzzbait I use black mostly but if it’s real high sky’s and bright I go to a white chartreuse. Get a 7 or 7.5 foot medium heavy ALL PRO Casting rod a high speed reel 20lb Silver Thread and throw that buzz bait far as you can threw the timber and reel like the wind. Always use a plastic trailer and trailer hook and always feel the fish before you set the hook. Remember if the fish misses your buzz bait fast as you can, drop a floating worm on top of the swirl and don’t move it as long as you can stand it. This will 50 percent of the time( if done right) get you that fish.

Now May night fishing is about as good as it gets. It hasn’t gotten to terrible hot yet and the bugs can just barely shake your seat. The bite is usually constant threw out the night with thirty fish the average, with half of those 4 to 10 lb. On average we catch lots more 10lbers at night in May than any other time.

The best baits going for may nights are a 10″ Riverside Ribbon tail worm or a 5.5 Riverside Big Claw. Fish the usual spots. This time of year the night Spinnerbait really gets going make sure you use a three fourths ounce or heavier with at least a number 5 Colorado Blade and black with blue or red mix are the best night colors.

Well there you have it, the recipe for a Fish of a Lifetime on America’s number one Big Bass lake, Lake Fork Texas. Please if you get a mount get a replica and when your taking pictures of those big fish dip them in the water between shots and let them get a drink.

Don’t forget Wear that Life Jacket, set the Hook , and may the Fish be with You.

Jim Duckworth

Ducktrail Guide Service