This is the time of year I start having dreams and nightmares of Big Fat Texas Bass. This place has made me so happy and so mad. Within the same hour so many times you would think I had a hormone problem. Where can you catch the biggest Bass of your life and ten minutes later break off one 3lb. bigger.

Last year in December I caught one that weighed 12.10 lbs. first thing in the morning on a Red Rattling Rogue. An hour latter I broke one off at the boat that weighed 15 lbs. on a shiner. Now let me tell you there was a mood swing in the boat and the customer’s started swimming for the bank. We’ll I cried 4 or 5 minutes and then realized my customer’s were almost to the bank and I had better pick them up because they had not paid me yet.

That’s what this lake can do to you. Last year I broke off 10 fish over Ten pounds that we saw at the boat. There is so much standing timber that 10 ft. in any direction is a log and the biggest bass use this to their advantage.

A lot of fisherman go to 30 lb. line this eliminates a lot of break offs. Unfortunately large bass would rather tear there face off than let you touch them to take a quick picture.

This is going to be a good winter on Fork. They finally got a lot of rain and flushed the lake out. Also the mandatory take law on crappie has helped and the crappie fishing should be great in the deep part of the lake with lots of 1 lb. plus fish. Lake Fork is rated in the Top 5 Crappie Lakes in the country.

The bass should be the same as usual. Big & Bigger 10 to 20 fish a day in January and 20 to 30 fish a day in Feb. and March is sore elbow time. Your January and February fish will average over 4 lbs. and the March and April fish will average 3 lbs. and better. You should expect 3 or 4 over 5 lbs. every day and a couple over 6 lbs. every day. Also you should have one over ten on every other day. (Now noticed I said on.) It’s not unusual to lose every other big fish this is where the nightmares start.

Hope you have a great winter fishing the Sauger have been going good for me. Don’t forget wear your life jacket, set the hook and may the Fish be with you.

Ducktrail Guide Service

Jim Duckworth