Percy Priest Crappie

This month we will be fishing out of Four Corners Boat Dock on Percy Priest Lake. Water temps have risen into the upper fifties and the Crappie have started to move into the shallows. The lake is half-way to summer pool and slowly rising. The shortcuts between the islands are still shallow, so drive with caution when you are not in the channel. The water color is just about perfect and slightly colored on the windy points.

For the last two weeks, Joe Neely and I have been fishing for Crappie with good to great results. Our low day was twenty-two Crappie and our high day was forty-six. Most of these Crappie were taken on small to medium minnows. We have been all over the lower half of the lake fishing in shallow bays and pockets.

Our basic pattern is to pull in on the point of the pocket and start throwing one-eight ounce and smaller jigs toward the bank; while keeping the boat in four to six feet of water. We would slow reel the jigs and steady move down the bank till we caught fish. Then we would stop and fish the area for two or three minutes. If we caught another fish, we would switch to minnows and fish the area. If not, it’s back down the bank at a slow steady pace. When you go down the bank watch that depth finder for brush piles, when you see one , fish it for two or three minutes. If you don’t catch something quick, start moving down the bank again. When you finally hit that hot brush pile, drop you a buoy on it and move off the buoy about ten to fifteen feet and start fishing those minnows.

The jigs Joe and I have been using are called Whirly B’s. They are made by Charlie Brewer, they guy that makes slider baits. A black or red head with a white trailer has been best. On the minnows, we have been fishing them from two to six feet depending on the depth of the brush. I use a slip bobber for ease of adjustment. A medium size gold hook and one small split shot six inches up from the hook. On Crappie, let them pull the bobber {strike indicator} down eighteen inches before you gently set the hook.

We have been putting in at Four Corners for two reasons. First reason, central location with a good, safe ramp. Second reason, the best hamburger and fries on the lake. For your jigs and hooks try Sport-Outfitters in Lebanon. Be careful not to let the fuzzy-headed guy know where you are fishing, he will tell everybody! Just Kidd’in. Don’t forget, wear that life jacket, set the hook, and may the fish be with you.

Jim Duckworth

Ducktrail Guide Service