Texas Bass

Hello, Tn. haven’t gotten to see much of you lately but that’s alright because I’m building up my arms down here on all these monster bass at Lake Fork. It’s sad to say but my thumb’s are so tender and sore I can’t even lip hold and fish without a glove on.

We’re catching 30 to 50 bass a day down here. Most of them above 4lbs. I know it’s hard to believe but that’s what fork is all about. Monster Bass and Monster Trees.

This lake would make a timber buyer sick. It’s 27,000 acres of oak and other hard woods. They didn’t trim the first branch off any tree.

The pattern has been 2′ to 8 ft depending on the sun. Spinner baits early shinners through the day and rattle traps and buzz baits in the afternoon.

The first week water temp. was low and the fishing was only 7 to 10 good fish a day. The water temp. was 48 to 52 degree and the bite was very slow. As the water warmed up fishing picked up. This is where you start getting your exercise set the hook reel him in release him set the hook reel him in release him. It’s a terrible thing to have to catch 4 to 8 lb. bass all day but someone has to do it.

As of last week the water has reached the upper sixties. The fishing is 30 + fish a day… on spinner baits, buzz baits scum frogs and that crazy looking sling shot worm.

Hope you have a great spring fishin all the great lakes in Tennessee. Till I get home don’t forget the golden rules. 1 set the hook 2 wear that life jacket when the big motors running, and always out fish your buddy. May the fish be with you.

Jim Duckworth

Ducktrail Guide Service

p.s. we still have openings in April on Lake Fork and we can fish four to a boat comfortable.