Too Hot To Fish!

D—-! It’s too hot to go fishing, but it’s too hot to do anything else. So we might as well gear up for the heat and go.

This time of year is always a hard time to fish. Double hot during the day and because of last winter’s lack of cold double bugs at night, needless to say this takes a lot of fun out of it.

Let me tell you about a couple of my night tricks to stay a little cooler. In this heat take you a large ice chest 36 qt. Put 1 or 2 bags in the bottom then lay you a couple of medium towels and a couple of neckerchiefs in. I suggest dark towels so they will not attract bugs like the white ones do. Next go get a couple of 1 qt. water sprayers (fine mist). Your wife may use them for non aerosol hair spray. Check and see if she’s looking, if not pour out the contents, rinse and fill with cold water and put them in the ice chest. Then go down to the Auto Parts store and buy a 12 volt fan (the kind truckers mount in their trucks, they usually have movable heads and multi speeds). When mine is on low it runs all night off one of my trolling motor batteries with no trouble. Mount the fan on a piece of plywood or aluminum 12″x12″ then mount some suctions cups on the corners or some 2″x2″ velcro strips. These make it easy to move around. You can put a cigarette plug on the end of it if your boat has a plug in it, if not wire it to one of your trolling motor batteries, make sure you use a fuse (15 amp) will do the job.

Put you a couple bottles of drinking water in there also. Water will quench your thirst and you can pour it on your towel. Wet your neckerchief put it around your neck put the cold towel over your head, turn the fan on and spray a little cold water out of the spray bottle onto your face and enjoy. It’s not air condition but it’s not bad. Swap the towels and neckerchief’s out, regularly use the spray bottles and you will survive with comfort for another fishing trip at night.

Now the bugs are terrible this year on Priest. To combat them the fan helps right off. Take mosquito coils and cigars and light them both. If you use bug spray be careful the mist from the cans will discolor you gauges and depth finders. Also don’t get it on your tackle, it also repeals fish, rinse your hands after use. They make a low intensity anchor light this helps. Also leave only the black lights on that you need.

When all gets bad bugs and heat, turn off your fan, put the towels in the ice chest and go for a short or long slow boat ride. As you ride spray some of that ice cold water on you and I guarantee it will help. Then start all over again at the same or another spot.

Be careful out there at night wear your life jacket watch for boats without lights I almost drove threw a 20′ sailboat last week. Catch all the bass you can turn the Big Ones loose. Please so the rest of us can try to catch them. Don’t forget set the hook and may the fish be with you.

Jim Duckworth

Ducktrail Guide Service