Topwater Bassin’

Well it’s hot and humid and time to call them to the top for the best bite of all, the topwater bite. I know August is a great month for topwater action but my favorite month is September and here it is. Here in Tennessee the summer topwater bite can be great but limited to the low light times only, this is because most of are lakes are clearwater lakes. The more color you have in the water the longer the bite should last in the mornings and should start sooner in the evenings. I like to get to the water 30 minutes before daylight so as to be on my best fishen hole as the sun cast it’s first rays on the water. The first bait I throw every morning is a SUPER SPOOK it doesn’t get as many bites as a POP-R but it get’s big bite’s. I cast this bait way past the area with the fish and work it back into the best spot and stall it, after 20 second’s I twitch it. If that doesn’t work it’s back to walk the dog, back to the boat, all the way back to the boat. I have caught many big bass right next to the boat, I think it take’s a big fish a little time to check dinner out sometimes. As you might of guessed my second choice is a POP-R in black and white. I throw this bait right on the high percentage spot and just let it sit for 20 second’s. Then I walk it in 3 quick twitch’s and a pause, back to the boat but not usually all the way back. Here again I think the bass will hit the little bait quick so they usually don’t wait till it gets near the boat. Both of these baits work great on points and large wood laydowns near deep water in the summer. Remember with these topwater bait’s don’t set the hook till you feel the fish or see your lure gone. When you do set the hook watch out for lure’s flying past your head, a lot of people say use safety type glasses when topwater fishing to protect your eye’s. The next bait in the early morning would be a buzzbait. I use an EXCALIBUR PRO BUZZBAIT they have a great sqeek straight out of the box, the color of choice is almost always white with white and chartreuse coming in second. I also fish these on the points but I fish them on old plain bank’s also. Take your boat and get it close to the bank and put your trolling motor on medium and parallel the bank throwing the buzzbait as far as you can in front of you paying attention to small structure point’s with an extra cast. This pattern will burn up so much water you will run across a active fish somewhere along the bank. Have a floating worm or a bass assassin ready to throw at missed strike’s, use a 4\0 XPOINT wide gap hook in the bass assassin and I promise you will pick up lot’s of the misses. For the topwaters I use a ALL PRO 6’6 medium casting rod and with the BASS ASSASSIN I use a 6’6 ALL PRO SPINNING ROD MEDIUM. For topwater lures and buzzbait’s I always use 17lb. SILVER THREAD GREEN. This is a copolomer line and has very little stretch With these 2 pattern’s you can almost always pick up some good morning bass and it is the only time of the day to be on the lake. Hope these tip’s help, don’t get to hot , drink lot’s of liquid’s, take short boat ride’s and stay cool as you can. Don’t forget set the hook, wear that life jacket and my the fish be with you.