Duck’s TN Finesse Rig 2


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These are my 2 favorite set up’s for this rig. With the buzzbait, always use a double buzzer because of the torque that a single bladed buzzbait generates. A double bladed buzzer has counter rotating blades and this keeps it running perfectly straight. Then a 1\4 ounce jig head and a 3 or 4 inch boot tail grub or swimbait. I like to keep the grub or swimbait 4 inches or less to be more tempting to the bass as an easy meal he can’t resist, and I love the Berkley Hollow Belly.

I never thought about using a crankbait on this rig but one day last year while trolling for Crappie I put one of these out with my favorite 200 series Bandit and bam 2 crappie within 5 minutes on the same rig. 30 minutes later 2 bass. It also cast great. It is not just for trolling crankbaits. The thing that surprised me most is that with 2 – 200 series Bandits it was no harder to crank than with one and the bass love it. The first one flashes by the bass and then here comes the second one and the bass nails it. About halfway back to the boat is when you pick that double up as the bass sees their friend with a nice minnow in his mouth and 1 more minnow still there for them. As with the Three lure rig always keep experimenting because you may find that magical combination.

Jim Duckworth

Two Crank BaitsBuzzbait and Grub