Duck’s TN Finesse Rig 3


Just the Frame (no lures included)

$8.95 for one

$16.95 for two

$3.95 shipping for your entire order

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This is my 2 favorite setups for this rig but I use about 10 others and am still finding more ways. The one thing you have to remember since this rig weighs so little, just the curl of a curly tail grub will cause it to lean a little. Always use a boot tail grub, or a straight tail swimbait, or a fluke type bait… I like the Berkley Jerkshad for that. I recommend using no more than 1\4 ounce jig heads and most of the time I use a 1\4 on the bottom and 1\8th on the top 2 but always experiment with it. You may find a magical combination.

Jim Duckworth

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