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KY Lake report

I trolled this past weekend out of Leatherwood Resort. In 2 days we managed 65 crappie with the average weight in th 1.25 pound range. One of the best trips for average size I have ever had. Fish were caught on Bandit 300′s and Radar 10 crankbaits trolling in 13-18 feet of water. Surface temp ranged from 58-63 degrees with the lake one foot under summer pool.

Mic- Old Hickory

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Old Hickory

Old Hickory 4-9-14
Message Its that time of year again! White bass and yellows are in the backs of almost every cove and creek. Largemouth bite has been picking up, with the best action from late morning into the evenings. The crappie are slowly moving up into the shallows in preparation to spawn, been catching some nice ones pulling 1/16 -1/8 jigs in 1-8 ft. Water temp was on a steady rise until those couple of cold nights channel temps are in the mid to upper 50′s with the far ends of the creeks in the mid to low 60′s. The season is upon us finally great time to be on the water.

a big thanks to mike for the caney fork info

good luck and happy fishing everybody hope to see ya out there!

Tyler- Old Hickory

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Elevation below Center Hill Dam

Jim, Tailwater at Hill is normally about 476 with 0 gen. 480-481 with 1 gen. 483-484 with 2 gen. This is without a sluice gate, one will add about 2 ft.

Thank you Mike for letting him know. Jim

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Stones river below Priest Dam

Stones River 3-9-13
Message A friend and myself floated below percy priest last Sunday and found out that given the near constant generation that the fish would be holding in the creeks and boy were they. We didn’t catch anything till trying one of them. Started fishing in the mouth & picked up a small gill down off the bottom, then a small white bass. As we went up the creek things only improved catching 10 white bass 4 rainbows a couple of yellows and 4 short crappie. The whites were fat and plump and seemed to be on there way to spawn.

Old hickory seems to be slowly warming up but still quite chilly with river channel temps reading 48-49 and did manage to find 55 degree temps in some far ends of the creeks. Did some small lake/pond fishing and quickly caught our limit of crappie trolling 1/16 oz jigs.

Jim I was wandering if you or somwone on here knew what the summer elevation is of Center Hill’s tailwater?

I am not sure what the normal tailwater elevation is because I never fish down there but maybe some one else will let you know. Jim

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Early March?

A friend and I had planned a fishing trip for this week. This cold snap has got us kind of precautions as where and what to go after. We are looking to go for walleye or crappie at either South Holston or Cherokee. I was wondering if you could point is in the right direction of where would be best to go and what to go after. Any technique tips would be appreciated also.
Thanks, James

Jim Duckworth
Guys I live in middle TN and never get over that way anymore so it would be hard for me to tell you what to do, maybe some one who see’s this will have an idea for you. Jim

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Pickwick dam white bass

Was thinking of heading over to pickwick dam to stripe fish in a week or two. Usually I can start catching them pretty decent in mid to late feb. Has the cold weather messed with em? Effected the shad population?

I worked the Nashville fairgrounds boat show this last weekend and talked to a lot of guys down there and it has been slow due to flow and water temp, might want to wait a week or two. Jim Duckworth

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Fairgrounds Boat show Feb. 7th, 8th, 9th

Guys I will be at the show and my booths are right at the front door, I am doing winter smallmouth fishing seminars at 6pm Friday and Saturday and 3pm on Sunday so come on by and see us. I have a special boat show price on our DVD’s and have some great tackle to sell also. Jim

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Jims DVD’s

Jim thanks for the quick turnaround on the trolling for crappie video great job with it learned a lot Guys if you are looking to hire a guide look no more Jim is an awesome guide and a fun guy to fish with had the pleasure of fishing with him twice once on the Cumberland for sauger and once on priest for hybrid and stripe both trips were in the winter and pretty tough conditions but we caught fish and learned a lot as well Jim understands the fish very well and is a great choice for a guide thanks again Jim . MC

Thank you for the kind words. Jim

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the bite is on boys time too saddle up. bs

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Jim Duckworth DVD’s

Message Jim does any bait shops or stores carry your videos? MC

MC the only place to get them is thru my website but I do take personal checks. Jim

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