Ft Loudon Crappie

Fished this past Saturday with a buddy on Ft. Loudon in Knoxville. We trolled Bandit 300 and Mann’s 15+ crankbaits for Crappie. We caught around 65 crappie with around 50 of them of legal length. Fish were holding mainly in 20-25 foot of water suspended in the 15-17 foot range. Most were caught in Turkey Creek. Surface temp was around 77 degrees with lake at Summer Pool.

Mic- Old Hickory

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KY Lake Crappie

Message Fished this weekend out of Leatherwood Resort on Ky. Lake trolling Bandit 300′s. Managed 25 keepers. Crappie were located deep coming in 18-20 feet of water around submerged brushpiles. Surface temp. was 65 degrees. Lake about 2 feet below summer pool.

Mic – Old Hickory

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Rough River Lake

Rough River Lake, KY
Message On Tuesday, prior to all the rain was able to pick up a total of 8 fish in 3 hours-then the wind came up big time. Lipless crank in shad pattern with extra glitter dusted on it to pick up the sun netted me a 4 lb 8 oz and 4 lb 2 oz LM in 5 feet deep creek channel shoreline near heat soaking warm rocks. Caught a 6 lb hybrid same lure at entrance to a cove with a steep drop at 12 feet, 3 more LM 1.5, 1.9, and 2.10 in same area. 1 lb 5 oz spot near large warm rock on main lake. Water temp in mid 50s with visibility approx 2 feet, now the lake is once again signiificantly above summer pool and I reccomend shore fishing at the boat ramps for hybrids with a nightcrawler harnees- you will catch some nice ones early am until the sun is bright- too many logs in the water again to go out in the lake with a nice rig! My Dad just sent me 4 of Duckworths TN finesse rig 2 which I plan on using at my home lake of Rough River Lake, KY and my 3 or 4 trips a year to Dale Hollow- Ill post when I get to use them.

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Old Hickory Crappie

Old Hickory Crappie
Message Fished 3 hours yesterday evening with a buddy and we managed 14 keepers with 3 of them in the 1.5 pound range. We trolled Rebel Crappie Cranks in 15-17 feet of water. Surface temp around 55 degrees.

Mic – Old Hockory

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Old Hickory

Tis The Season On Old Hickory
Message Its that magical time of year again! I suggest you go find some clear water on old hickory up in the creeks and cast cranks till your arms are sore. Yellows biting on every cast!

Good luck and happy fishing everyone!

Tyler – Old Hickory

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pickwick dam
Message anyone know what the water temp is below pickwick dam? how is the stripe fishing?

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sauger reports

Message anybody been?? logan

From Jim Duckworth
Fished below Cordell Hull dam yesterday and caught a bunch of little fish with a few keepers behind the lock wall near the end of it, most fish caught early.

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Jims Advice


First let me say, that I purchased your video on catfish jugging, and the noodle rigs that you showed us how to make were great! Thank you so much for sharing such an awesome gift. As a family we have truly enjoyed the experience Jim. My question is about a spot I happened upon while fishing with my brother. We left out of Davis corner and turned right into the river toward the 109 bridge. Right past the corner of Spence creek as it turns into the river we picked up the structure of lock 4 on the depth finder. There is a duck blind and several timbers in the middle of the river there. To me it looked like the perfect place for big fish to come up and feed. Is there anything about this particular spot that you could give me any advice on?

On the Gallatin side of the river above Spence creek and just above where the duck blind is there is a sewer plant outfall between the river channel and the bank and you can go out while the leaves are off the trees and you can see and hear it. This outfall puts the cleaned sewage water back into the lake which puts out constant flow and the materials needed for good algae growth which attracts the food chain all the way up to stripers. If you are fishing that area it has seasons where it is very good but in the winter it is not that hot, once the warmer water hits that area there are several mud bars there between the river channel and the bank and the bass use them heavily and it is considered a community tournament fishing hole to catch five quick bass off of in several different ways. If you fish between the bank and the river channel a Carolina rig works great for keeper bass and every now and then a kicker but the best fishing is fishing the ledges were the river bank heads down to the river bottom and I like the Bandit ledge baits and a 300 series Bandit. Go over the ledge with a good depth finder with down and side imaging like my Humminbird 1199 HD SI on the console and my 999 HD SI on the bow and scan the bank and you will find the good ledges holding bass and you will find the cover on these spots and make sure to put a waypoint on you map on your depth finder and if you have an ether link cable on your units when you mark it on one unit it will go on the other unit on the bow also and then go back down stream and fish back up it keying on your marked spots and besides the Bandits throw a jig and a Carolina rig and that is where you can find some toads and early in the mornings you will see and here some big stripers coming up and feeding on top some times. I always keep a popper bait and a big spook tied on because some times the fish come up in the jumps in the area and I will throw those top waters and I use the smaller popper when it is smaller fish but if there are big fish coming up use the Zara Spook and if you fish it a few times you will see a lot of other guys fishing it and they will show you more of the spots to key on, it is a very good spot, good luck and thank you for the kind words on my DVD’s. Jim

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Message any reports Hartsville up to cordell hull dam thanks

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jiging a spoon
Message Jim, i have your video on spoonin and i love it. however, i now live in west TN and I am closest to the Kentucky lake around Decaturville or I 40, maybe Sanannah. Any advice on spoonin in those areas where it is mostly run of the river?

Glad you liked it and thank you for buying it, I have a DVD “Monster Crappie” that was filmed on KY Lake near the birdsong area and up near Paris with Steve Macadam’s you might like. Where you are the first place I would try is Birdsong creek nearest the mouth of the river and find the deep holes in the creek and watch for shad on your depthfinder and that is where you start. Due to the fact that the water color isn’t real clear I think it is important to fish a spoon that has a rattle in it and also has glow tape on each side to help the bass find the spoon and as you know I love rattle Snakkie Spoons and I will have some at the Nashville Fairgrounds boat show Feb. 6th, 7th and 8th and my booth is right at the front door and I will have a sale on them. Clear water is important for spooning so find major creeks with the clearest water and then find schools of shad with fish in them and go to work. Hope this helps and you have moved next to some of the greatest fishing in the state, good luck. Jim

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