10 Reasons Why You Might Need a Guide

by guide Jim Duckworth

  1. To find out where the fish are today and how to catch them and also catch some.  Fish move around a lot and they feed different everyday but when you fish everyday and I do, you stay on top of them.
  2. To try out new and different tackle including depth finders, GPS’S and trolling motors. I keep new rods and reels in the boat with the latest stuff out, I also replace trolling motors, GPS and depth finders every year so as to have the newest innovations out there.
  3. Its cheaper to hire a guide if you only fish a few times a year than to make boat payments and insurance not counting the tackle you would buy. All my rods and reels are replaced every year and the fishing line is changed every 5 to 10 trips. This way when you go you spend your time fishing not fighting that old line and tackle.
  4. To be able to carry more than 1 friend with you comfortable . My 21 foot Stratos can carry 3 people and my big aluminum boat can carry up to four customers safe and with plenty room to move around.
  5. It is great for businessmen to take their customers out for a good day of fishing in a new boat with the best tackle around. When you want to get your customer out of his office and build a relationship with them this is a great way to do it. Take a few pictures catch some good fish and then he smiles when you call him on the phone. It is also tax deductible.
  6. Taking kids fishing would also be a big reason. Kids can be tough on mom and dad and many trips can turn into a real job. With the right guide who guides families it can turn into a great day. I do special things with kids in the boat like lots of food and drinks, stops on the bank for them to run off energy or go exploring into a cave that I know of. I only guide kids when the fish are really biting so as to keep their interest and desire to keep coming back.
  7. To learn new lakes or rivers and their sweet spots and presentations they like. It takes many trips to learn a lake and that cost money and time, with a good guide you can learn most lakes in a couple of days and that can save you many aggravating trips.
  8. To get ready for a tournament on a lake you have never been on. Once again you only have a day or two to get on fish and a guide can speed this process up a lot.
  9. To learn a specific tactic like jigging a spoon, The Float and Fly, or the drop shot rig. About a third of my business is tournament anglers wanting to learn a specific technique and they teach me a lot also which I in turn pass on to my customers.
  10. Great way to show your friends relatives a good time when they come to town. It allows you to spend your time with them instead of getting a boat ready to go to the lake and the work when you drag it home. It also lets you blame the guide if you don’t catch enough fish instead of yourself.

Hope you can find one of these reasons to help you to decide to book a trip with me, there are many. I love fishing and meeting new people and I am sure I can find the fishing you are looking for.