We just wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed watching your catfish video! It was so down to earth and easy to understand. We could tell you really enjoy what you do, but you do it the way that anybody can try. We purchased your video at the Jackson Boat Show in Jackson, TN and we definitely feel like we got our money’s worth. Thanks for being so entertaining and at the same time educational. We will recommend your videos to all our family and friends There is one question we have…Is jugging legal on all Tennessee > waterways (including the TN River)? We have a cabin on the River close to Cypress Creek in Perry County and we can’t wait to go get some swim noodles! Keep the good times rolling!

-Josh and Belinda Murchison



I purchased your video on fishing the float n fly and I just finished watching it. I cant tell you how impressed I was. The fact that you actually showed me on a map where you were fishing was even more impressive and appreciated. I have not yet tried the technique, but i am anxious to go! I am interested in booking a trip with you, but I want to make sure I don’t go to early, as I understand it works best in cold water. About what is the earliest I should book a trip, and what are the prices? I am also eager to try and learn a few things from you about bass in general. I fish a local club and I would like to become more consistent in locating and catching fish. Right now, all I do is what the majority out there does, which is beat the bank with crankbaits and spinnerbaits hoping to get lucky. I would like to learn to put the percentages in my favor. I believe to do that, I need to learn to get off the bank and start fishing structure out away from the bank, and learning to fish channel drops. Do you agree? Thanks for your time, and again, thanks for the effort you put into that video. It was second to none and I believe you sincerely wanted to help people catch more fish.


Hello I just got all the crappie tapes that you made I must say that I found them very informative and very amusing it is a breath of fresh air to watch a good old county guy like me doing what he loves and teaching others!!! My only complaint is that I didnt get to see who Gerald was on camera hehe! he musta been in pain having to do all that filming and you doing all the catching Jim I have one question for you I was wondering how you would go about making crappie cover out of them kids heavy plastic toys aka <lil tykes>!!! I have a wonderful jungle jim that I am gonna sink since I seen your video would it be better to sink it fully erect? it is about 4 foot square or would it be better to use the 4 sides and make plastic stick beds using pvc pipe??? Let me know what ya think I will be looking for more crappie tapes in the future Best Wishes Big George Foster, Broken Arrow Oklahoma


Hi Jim,

My wife and I watched your video on the float-n-fly technique last night. I picked up the video at Bass Pro yesterday afternoon. You’ve got so much enthusiasm, you could hardly contain yourself!!! You’ve got to have the most awesome job in the world – doing what you love to do!

I’ve only done the float-n-fly once at Center Hill two years ago and I caught a 4lb largemouth. I plan on going again this winter and thought your video might help. My boat has a boarding ladder and you gave me some good ideas about having a change of clothes just-in-case. I fish by myself during daylight hours in the winter. After watching your video, I may find a partner for Center Hill or the ‘Hollow as possible just as a safety precaution. My wife got a big kick out of how you knew all about “Revlon one coat” fingernail polish! I also liked how you kept coming back for several encores at the end of the tape – you were determined to reel in a brown fish! I haven’t seen your other tapes, but I might see if I can pickup some of your other tapes soon.

My wife said she remembered these specific things from the video:

  • Revlon one-coat
  • Trilene XL
  • Hamby’s keel guard
  • Re-tie the line at the float after you catch a big fish
  • Look for steep banks with an outcrop or trees down

In other words, you got many points across to my wife who knows very little of fishing.



I got your Voice Mail and checked out our picture on your Web Site. I want to thank you very much for providing my son, Travis, & me a Special Day in our lives. We are still “bragging” and showing off pictures we took at home before we cleaned the fish. By the way, we broiled the fish & they were great. We also shared the fish with friends who also enjoyed their dinner equally.

You know, my wife thought I was nuts to spend that much money to go fishing for a day and it was difficult for me to explain to her that it would be money well spent. After all, we live on the lake, have our own boat and have our own tackle! But when we got home and she saw the fish, the looks on our faces and how we “strutted our stuff” she realized that it was peanuts paid for a life time experience. Thank you very much for that special day!

Thank you so much and we’ll be sure to contact you again some time!

Tom Pease

Hendersonville, Tennessee


From: Wapsi Bass [wapsivalleybass@yahoo.com]

Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 3:11 PM

To: srogers@uti.com


I make it a point to watch your show every Monday.Growing up in Wisconsin and living in Iowa, I appreciate the midwest flavor of your show. I partcularily wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed last week’s show with Tennessee guide Jim Duckworth. That had to be the most worth while information I’ve every recieved from a half hour fishing show. There seems to be an instructional component to your show that I thoroughly enjoy. I hope you can have more shows with him or other folks that are willing to share that level of knowledge. Keep up the excellent work.



Jim: Here are some pictures of our trip at Center Hill last Saturday. It was a memorable and enjoyable experience. Your stories about your dad reinforced my knowledge that I must enjoy every day in the outdoors with my son and daughter to the fullest.

Thanks again for the experience,

Big Chase


Monday, February 11, 2002 6:54 AM





From: shane majors To: ducktrail@softek.net

Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 7:56 PM

Hey man. I was sending off some emails today and I wanted to send you one to let you know that the trip yesterday was great. I’ve never caught 6 kinds of fish in one trip before. You definately know how to catch fish. Others were fishing the same areas as we were and they were not catching anything and we were catching one after the other.

Your definately my guide from now on. Just keep us on the fish. I’ll book another trip once the winter pattern kicks into high gear. Later. Shane.


I really enjoyed it. It felt like I was on the boat with you. And I learned a few things, too.

I was impressed with your preparation for someone falling overboard in the winter. I have never fallen out of a boat, but I can really see how it could happen. I know that Charlie Nuckols died in a boating accident. Did he fall overboard in the winter?

Geoff Frisch


Mr. Duckworth:

My name is Chris Johnson. Last year, I purchased 3 of your crappie videos. They were informative and extremely fun to watch. In September, my son and I went to Clear Water Lake in Missouri and trolled Bandit crank baits like we learned from your tape. We started right before sun up and at 8:30 a.m. we pulled into a marina to buy some minnows. The lady at the marina told us that we were wasting our time because the crappie weren’t biting. I then opened my livewell and showed her the 17 slabs we picked up trolling that morning. She couldn’t believe it. Thanks for the fine videos and looking forward to new ones ( especially about crappie fishing ).